Ford VCM OBD is illegal clone (copy) of SECONS FoCOM diagnostic toolsuite for Ford & Mazda. The product can be purchased from various Chinese manufacturers such as UFODIAG, ECUtool and others. We DO NOT sell the original tool to Chinese companies (it is not possible to purchase legal FoCOM from China). Please note that the Ford VCM OBD does not come with updates, it has problems even with connecting to various control units, etc. Furthermore, using and purchasing the application is illegal. It's the same as e.g. purchasing copied DVD of Microsoft Windows without valid license.

The term Ford or Ford VCM OBD is used for descriptive purposes only and in no way infers that this China-made counterfeit product described on this site is manufactured, sold or endorsed by Ford Motor Company.

This is how the original FoCOM software looks like:

SECONS Ltd., a privately owned company, is not affiliated with Ford Motor Company in any way or form.